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"The bus service was very good. Our driver, Willy, was very polite and professional. He arrived to pick us up both times well before the scheduled time and this allowed us to arrive and return from camp on time. The bus itself was very comfortable and the youth really enjoyed riding together. Overall, I would say we were very satified with the charter bus service."

Carlos Gomez - Youth Pastor
Valley Park Church

"I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful transportation experience for the youth of our church.  In my 18 year tenure as pastor, this is the first time that multiple parents and church members have not been involved in transportation.  The savings in time was nice.  But more important than that is the experience our youth enjoyed by traveling together on the bus.  It helped to create a team spirit that was carried into the week-end retreat.  Of special significance was the positive, caring and responsible involvement of Willie, the driver.  I especially appreciated his understanding of the value of retreats in the formation of the character of youth in general.  He related in a very real way to our passion for making a difference in the lives of young people and he expressed it in a way that was an encouragement to both our youth and leaders.  Thank you for helping us with transportation in such a positive and encouraging manner.  We will look forward to our next encounter with Mybus Charters."

Sincerely.  Pastor Kevyn Jones.

"Everything went great!! If there were any problems, I would have heard from my supervisor. The driver was courteous and helpful. Thank you for all your help.  I will keep your contact for future use."

Warm Regards,
Carol J. Kulis
Director, Admissions and Student Affairs
Travel University International

"Your driver was amazing.  Showed up early.  Called us.  Had a great sense of humor.  Dealt with some gnarly 5:30am LA traffic / gridlock issues.  Dealt with 25 or so unruly adults.  All at the early hour it was.
We are grateful and will be using your company for our team's events again in the future."

Jimmy Dean Freeman
Meet & Greet + Transfers to any LAX hotel

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